Disney+ Hotstar’s first Telugu Hotstar Specials series ‘Parampara’


The trailer for Disney+ Hotstar’s first-ever Telugu Special, Parampara, helmed by the tremendously acclaimed director Krishna Vijay L., has been released.

The ensemble of this first-of-its-kind series includes Indian celebrities Jagapathi Babu and Sarath Kumar, as well as exceptionally brilliant young performers Naveen Chandra, Ishan, and Aakanksha Singh.

Parampara is built on familial infighting and generational bad blood and brings forth emotions crammed in an action-packed series, produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni of Arka Mediaworks Production. Parampara will be available on Disney+ Hotstar shortly.

“Parampara is a passionate project and a concept I was keen to explore with, bringing together a gorgeous ensemble cast comprising major guns like actors Jagapathi Babu and Sarath Kumar,” said director Krishna Vijay L of this first-of-its-kind series with a power-packed ensemble cast.

Telugu fans enjoy both family drama and action, and this series combines the two genres to create a narrative that is both fascinating and heartbreaking in sections. I’m thrilled that it’s found a home on Disney+ Hotstar, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the public reacts to our modest offering.”

Naidu, a major figure in Vizag, is played by actor Sarath Kumar. His ambition is to have his son succeed him in politics and business. He is known as Vizag’s doubtful, untrustworthy guy; a man who just thinks about the final result and would go to any length to ensure that his desires are realized.

Mohan Rao, Naidu’s foster brother, is played by actor Jagapathi Babu. He chose his brother, Naidu, before his son since he is loyal to him. Mohan Rao was supposed to be Verrnaidu’s political successor, but his brother duped him.

Suresh, Naidus’ son, is played by actor Ishan. Suresh’s whole existence depends on his father’s unwavering praise. He isn’t inherently competitive, but he has schooled himself to respond in an oppositional manner when confronted with difficult situations.

Gopi, Mohan Rao’s son, is played by actor Naveen Chandra. Gopi’s ambiguous morality offers him an advantage in manipulating others around him to his advantage. He wants to be successful in politics, and he wants his father, Mohan Rao, to establish his own identity.

Rachana, Suresh’s partner, is played by actor Akanksha Singh. Suresh has been her boyfriend since childhood, and she is sucked into corrupt politics. Gopi and Suresh use her as a pawn in their games, but she chooses to break free.

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