The release of film with virtual theme ‘Shot On OnePlus’ on Disney+ Hotstar


Mobile shooting content has proven to be a revolution in advertising and entertainment for people alike nowadays. During the primary closure caused by COVID, from March 2020, many admins and ladies turned to using iPhones to shoot the specified images in their ads.

Recently, China’s leading Chinese consumer company released an extended film, titled ‘2024’, starring Vikramaditya Motwane’s Andolan Production, Big Bad Wolf Studios, and Odd and Even Productions. This exciting 60-minute game has been released on Disney + Hotstar only and aims to advance the OnePlus ‘Shot on OnePlus’ campaign.

Through a video call with FAQ !, Saurabh Kapoor, head of product and category marketing, OnePlus India, says it had been a natural extension of the merchandise campaign to need to partner with Motwane’s production house.

Motwane could be a well-known name in Bollywood for a few of the flicks and shows he has worked on, including the likes of AK vs AK, Sacred Games, Lootera, Dev D, and Udaan. “We want this project to be an idea to emerging filmmakers, who might not be ready to access prime quality equipment.

Vikram (Motwane) told us that another advantage of the camera is that, thanks to its size, it can penetrate areas and corners where conventional cameras cannot go,” said Kapoor. Most of the film takes place in the hours of darkness and Kapoor says Motwane told him that the night mode on the OnePlus camera would be a useful feature during this.

Kapoor added that sales of smartphones have grown by about 55 percent this year, during a period of violence. “With this epidemic, there are lots of recent internet users, who get access to mobile phones.

Customers desire a personal sense of humor. We concentrate on product and community building in times of violence. ” For Carlton D’Silva, co-founder, House Of Awe, could be a great effort to form promotional content, but it’s not very new and has been done before.

“If the title had been a bit more interesting, I’d have liked the film. This movie comes out at a time when people are hearing lots of stories in the same way. Therefore, it should not be interesting to the audience.” Apple’s latest iPhone 13 Pro has also been cited as a handset that gives cinematic information, and this might be OnePlus’ answer thereto.

Rajiv Rao, filmmaker (Nirvana Films and former NCD Ogilvy), calls it a decent effort and says it doesn’t seem like a movie shot on the phone. “It may be a good way to showcase video skills on the phone.”

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