Zirca Digital Solutions acquires its first-ever ContentiQ patent


Taking another successful revolution with innovation and staying sooner than the curve, Zirca Digital Solutions recently acquired its ContentiQ patent. This latest patented product is meant to assist brands and agencies simplify their campaign and account strategies.

Provides a cohesive dashboard, on the SaaS platform, using managed and upgraded campaigns to realize the foremost successful campaign objectives. The dashboard includes results from all CDNs: search, community, video, and various publishers.

Presents a whole overview of consumer responses to ads and sets of recommendations using which ad performance are often designed to handle the most goal of the campaign.

Zirca is an independent global digital solutions company with a passion for results and helps brands to customize consumer conversations through intuitive advertising, data-driven and content solution.

From content development solutions to advertising to content enhancement, structured advertising, and search technology. To develop campaign strategies all told forums our content advisors and media professionals work together to make sure that each campaign reaches the proper audience within the right place.

Zirca aims to assist brands to customize consumer conversations using ContentiQ by putting customer feedback firmly at the core. This ensures that the message is conveyed within the most appropriate, customer-friendly format, and promises to deliver objectives effectively.

As an independent provider of digital solutions with a passion for results, Zirca also enables brands to integrate ad response data with their CRM, thus, giving them a clearer idea of digital financing.

Zirca’s unique consumer understanding is additionally achieved through its interaction and innovation. By providing a special perspective on the sales index in digital spending, it closes an enormous gap in understanding the drivers of product sales.

Neena Dasgupta (CEO and Director, Zirca Digital Solutions) said, “This patent puts Zirca in a unique position in delivering and advancing the goals of a multi-dimensional product campaign.

“Combining the several facets of maneuvers and ad management to confirm that these goals are achieved is at the forefront of the industry. We are pleased that ContentiQ is our first patented product.”

Karan Gupta (Managing Director, Zirca Digital Solutions) adds, “We are applying for a patent for this product in several countries so that the unique Zirca method is often known in several markets. Clients in these markets are ready to use our tailored services to realize their local goals.

“Zirca-licensed product ContentiQ also enables organizations that invest in adware to compile ad responses using Blockchain technology.

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