#NoConditionsApply campaign launched by Sebamed


Sebamed is a German personal care company that has a 50-year history. It has launched another unique ad for its hair care portfolio, #NoConditionsApply.

Using this campaign to educate and empower consumers, this brand is calling attention to false advertising by other hair care brands and encouraging consumers to switch to the scientifically superior “Sebamed Anti Hair Loss Shampoo” with the benefits of pH 5.5 .

An ironic, lighthearted take on hair care industry disinformation, Sebamed’s latest commercial takes place in a courtroom, where the personification of the widely misunderstood phrase “Conditions Apply” is on trial! A judge interrogates ‘Conditions Apply,’ who pleads not guilty to all accusations and blames the hair care companies for concealing the facts from consumers.

This aligns with Sebamed’s core values of transparency and straightforward messaging, which states that no shampoo or soap has the power to bring back lost hair, but that one can prevent additional hair loss by using a shampoo that is scientifically proven to be better and has pH 5.5 benefits.

Shashi Ranjan, Head- Consumer Business, said that hair loss is an important issue for both men and women.

So, Sebamed has undertaken ongoing consumer research to better understand hair issues and formulate effective pH5.5 solutions.

They are addressing the demand of discerning consumers by unraveling the reality behind anti-hair loss product promises through our “#NoConditionsApply” campaign. They are enthusiastic and sure about their straightforward and unique approach to hair loss. They are very confident about their campaign resonating with the target demographic.

Sebamed’s has launched a series of thought-provoking advertisements in the skin, hair, and baby care space area, such as #PrathamSnanSe, #FilmstarsKiNahiSciencekiSuno, #SirfScienceKiSuno, and many others. These have prompted consumers to ask unasked questions by fostering an inquiry culture.

This attitude among Indian consumers is very important considering how the nature of our markets is changing. Nowadays, consumers often do not get the correct information about specific products and they often end up being fooled. This culture of awareness needs to prevail to ensure a better quality of products.

Sebamed products are marketed by USV private Limited. USV Private Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company in India, with a six-decade track record built on strong credo principles and leadership positions in the diabetic and cardiac therapeutic areas.

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