Infinix Smartphones: Fashions out gaming talent in individuals


Mobile gaming is one of the emerging modes of gaming. It is in its endeavor to be a part of mainstream sports. The success of mobile gaming is mainly due to the factors like comfortability, availability, and affordability.

The trend of people relying on smartphones plays a crucial role in e-gaming development. The report by Entertainment Software Association states that during the COVID-19 pandemic, 56% of frequent solo gamers shifted to multiplayer games and spent almost seven hours a week playing.

The advancement of mobile gaming opened a wide range of e-sports platforms in Asian countries. One such e-sports platform opened to gamers is World Esports Cup 2021(WEC’21). It is South East Asia’s tri-nation e-sports tournament which invites competitors from the countries like India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

World Esports Cup provides opportunities to gamers to represent their countries in the e-sport community. The main aim of WEC is to function as a catalyst that would fasten the growth of e-sport to become a mainstream sport.

Vishwalok Nath, WEC Director, discussed the launching of the World E-sports Cup and mentioned it is the first of its kind that provides a platform for individuals to be a part of the gaming community in South Asian countries. He added that the audience could witness the epic clash between India-Pakistan. He believes that this tri-nation tournament would bring a phenomenal response.

World Esports Cup seems to get a massive prize pool of $100K. Infinix Smartphones is the title sponsor of WEC’21’s inaugural edition. Such an advanced smartphone technology would enable mobile gaming to widen the frontiers of the e-sports ecosystem.

Infinix Smartphones is a Hong Kong-based smartphone giant that offers smart devices marked by unique depth and believes in ‘always moving forward, no matter what’. It provides a game mode automation that creates space for an innovative gaming experience.

Infinix provides a joyous experience in gaming with the service of Dar-Link game boost technology that improves the graphic display of heavy-duty games like PUBG and enhances the self-learning capabilities of smartphones. It also reduces the lag that occurs during game sessions.

Anish Kapoor, CEO of Infinix Smartphones, said that Infinix offers the best gaming experience by providing value-driven products to customers. The company focuses on Research and Development (R&D) to solve problems like screen tearing, phone overheating, and delayed response to touch commands while playing games on smartphones.

R&D plays a pivotal factor in software product development as it designs and develops innovative products, develops improved technology for smooth functioning, develops robotics and other automated processes to improve efficiency.

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