PUBG relaunched: Battlegrounds Mobile India opened pre-registration with exciting rewards


PUBG relaunched: Battlegrounds Mobile India opened pre-registration with exciting rewards

India ranks 2nd in internet consumption and also tops among the countries which have excessive smartphone penetration. Our country welcomes all the technological advancements swiftly. Amidst the pandemic and other uncertainties, the world is becoming technology-oriented. Most people would not find it shocking to say that we are living in a virtual world.

India has the largest number of mobile gaming users in the world. The majority of the gaming users in India use smartphones to play games.  PUBG was one of the most played smartphone games in India and has earned around 1.8 billion from the Indian market. Battlegrounds Mobile India is said to be the Indian avatar of PUBG and is a much-hoped game after PUBG.

Krafton, the developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India has earlier announced the pre-registration of the mobile game app starts on 18th May. The company has released a trailer of the game to boost pre-registration. The official launch date of the game is not yet announced but it is opened for pre-registration. The company announced exciting rewards on pre-registration. The company offers 4 exciting awards and is Celebration Expert Title, the Recon Outfit, 300 AG, and the Recon Mask. The pre-registered people will receive awards automatically once the game is launched by the company. Though the company has not officially declared the launch date for the game app it is expected that it will be released in June. The company has listed the app on the google play store i.e., initially, the game app is available for Android users only. The pre-requirements for downloading the mobile app are that the mobile device should be Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB RAM available. Since the game is exclusively for Indian players it will not be available for pre-registration outside India.

The players who want to pre-register for the game app have to visit the app listed in the google play store. The users have to choose the option ‘Pre-register and can get registered. There is also an option available to unregister the game app after pre-registration. There will be an age limit for the app and is a freely available mobile game.

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