Apple product worth 1900 was out of stock in minutes


The Tech Gaint company Apple has launched a new product ,it is just a piece of cloth

In Apple’s latest event they are adding a new product to their company: a Polishing Cloth. The cloth, made of soft, fabric is available to purchase at Apple’s store – but only if you are willing to pay out Rs 1,900.

While the Polishing Cloth comes with the apple logo in one corner, it doesn’t look as an extraordinary product as other micro-fiber cloths in the market that are sold with infractions of a minute.

A good quality piece of cloth costs somewhere around Rs 200 to Rs 300. But the Apple cloth is more expensive at Rs 1,900. Apple says that this is because it is different from others. Many people are things to be manufactured by world top technology company.

In fact, spending Rs 1,900 looks like not a good deal. And this is something Apple fans and consumers highlighted as soon as Apple announced the Polishing Cloth. Apple logo or not, it is hard to believe that a polishing cloth can come with a price tag of Rs 1,900.

The memes on social media was that even if the Polishing Cloth is what it is — that is the most awesome piece of cleaning cloth — it should come free in the box with Apple’s products.

As we see this product was coming in EMI with 224/per month. Apple says that its accessory will “safely and effectively” clean any Apple display. It is compatible with almost all Apple products, including iPhones, iPods, and MacBooks, according to the company’s listing on its online platforms.

But while the Polishing Cloth is already out of supply – requiring 3 to 4 weeks to ship in certain parts of the world.

Some netizens shared memes on Twitter whereas some said to be like Apple and sell anything and everything on the earth at the cost you feel is best suitable.

Reactions on social media were broken with a lot of memes. Many called Apple out for overpricing the accessories as a marketing strategy for the product to increase their sales.

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