Diwali : a nice festival beyond the means of sharing sweets and chocolates


Let’s think about the number of unopened boxes of Diwali sweets you have got at your home?

Due to still the festival is continuing we are on that with great happiness. Most folks have mind-boggling while selecting the sweet boxes. From the traditional sweets like Haldirams, Bikano, etc, to branded ones like Nestle, Amul, etc we have got gifted and received as gifts.

Along with it, we will gift differing kinds of specially packed dry fruits and other foods. Traditional sweets, chocolates, and dry fruits for long been preferred for gifting during Diwali.

However now most are trying to find offbeat gifts like sugar-free preparations, exotic tea hampers, cheese, wine, spice, and spice blends also to gift.

As in previous festive seasons this year too many brands aggressively promoting their brands with attractive packaging, and also with an ingenious campaign like One-of-its-kind conducted by Cadbury wherein they allowed customers to form an advert for his or her local stores at no coast featuring Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan in it.

Diwali is always a festival of fun, celebration, and uniting of families and friends. Last year’s pandemic forced people to celebrate it on isolations and through video calls, but this year people getting back along with a vengeance. This year consumers also used the safe shopping experience online. More brands and traditional outlets took e-commerce to widen their reach.

Traditionally most people prepare the sweets in their house with proper care and by a loving selection of ingredients. The visit to other houses always remembers everyone to bring sweets with them.

Diwali is a festival of lights that suggests the celebration involves millions of lights floodlit from rooftops, doorways, and windows in thousands of temples and buildings all over India. One wouldn’t celebrate Diwali without sweets.

Five pieces of ghee diyas (lamps) are lit in front of the deities, nivedya of traditional sweets are offered to the goddess and devotional songs are sung in praise of goddess Laxmi. The gods are offered different types of Mithai as “Prashad” or “nivedyam”, which is then distributed among relation and friends.

Sweets are considered because of the gesture of greeting people, family, and friends with the celebrating the festival. Traditionally Indian sweets are called “Mithai”. It considers that the sweets are pure and offerings to the gods.

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