Domino’s – 2020 Celebration of Friendships


Domino’s Pizza has revealed a digital campaign to symbolize the end of 2020. Through the campaign, the brand is offering consumers a chance to celebrate their ‘2020 ke Dost of the Year’.  Recognizing the ups and mostly downs of 2020, the brand observed an interesting paradoxical behavior arise from the circumstances of the year – one where self-isolation and social distancing have actually brought people more closer, from reconnecting with old friends to finding friendships in the most unusual of places. This year was a realization of how precious was the time with your friends in person and how you cherish that bond with them moving forward through online interaction.

In general, This quality time with family and online interactions with friends & others are the silver lining that helped you make this year more bearable. The end of the year is always the time of the year where you look back and reflect on whatever you have done this year. And the huge sentiment this year is that ‘’we made it’’. And then you start wondering about these special relationships that helped you make it through this tough year. This has been a year where families are the new friends and friends are the new families and 2020 ke dost of the year grants people a chance to accept these relationships and thank them for making 2020 more wonderful. The campaign urges people to vote for their 2020 ke dost and as a reward quirky, and interesting titles are given to this special ‘dil dost’ as a part of this campaign. This campaign was actualized by AutumnGrey, which sees content comprising from an online award generator to an influencer video series to an Instagram lens and several other activities across digital platforms and it is all a part of the brand’s continual efforts to honor the old & new relationships between friends and family.


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