Naga Foods join hands with @TIF


Naga foods announce their collaboration with @TIF, the brand, and media marketing start-up. As a component of the command, the office will build up a serious brand showcasing procedure for Naga Foods by streamlining its media spends.  

The command for @TIF is to build up an effective brand promoting technique for Naga Foods with an expectation to add a dynamic quality to Brand Naga. Also, as a feature of their order, @TIF was entrusted to smooth out Naga’s operational difficulties in S and D functions and help in improving their strategies.

Sounder Kannan, Whole Time Director, Naga foods stated, “in an evolving food market place, Naga is aiming to become a pan south player in the next 2 years. As a third-gen business, we clearly wanted to reorient ourselves towards becoming a national brand during the next decade. To complement our ambitious growth plans, we had engaged @TIF to prepare a marketing blueprint to consolidate Naga’s position in the hyper-competitive market for food FMCG. Their differentiated marketing approach and comprehensive understanding of various aspects of the food business such as brand marketing, retail trade dynamics, and competitive strategy is valuable for Naga foods. I’m confident that @TIF will empower Naga to grow manifold to become a national food brand by going beyond the boundaries of South India”.

@TIF in their statement shared happiness in partnering with Naga Foods in their development stage and add worth and effectiveness to their business goals. The statement said, for a start-up, sacking the development fixated Naga Foods will bring in success since it energizes our development also. We are sure of living up to their desires as well as going past the conventional command of the appropriate office customer relationship. We are certain, it will be commonly mutual benefit affiliation both for Naga Foods and @TIF”.


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