“Dugga Elo Ghawrey” campaign by Asian Paints


Sharadiya is a festival that is mainly celebrated in Bengal, which is the season of joy and celebration, remembering the homecoming of Goddess Durga. Sharadiya, this year cannot be celebrated like the previous years, as there is an outbreak of the pandemic and social distancing has become an important norm, people are worried about how they would celebrate this year.

Asian paints have introduced a new campaign “Dugga Elo Ghawrey” assuring the customers that pujo and Asian paints Sharad Shamman will always support and bring joy to the customers during the celebration season. The campaign film begins with a little girl who is sad because she cannot celebrate this year, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, where she points out that she cannot enjoy pandal hopping and pujo celebrations.

The next scene shows where her mother comes in and convinces her about celebrating this year at home and so the preparation for the celebration begins at home where all the family members come together and start decorating their home with lights and the mother paints the image of a goddess Durga on the wall using Asian paints wall colors. The family members decorated the house to give a feeling of the pujo pandal by adding games, snacks to recreate the actual pujo pandal.

Executive creative director of Ogilvy Kolkata, Sujoy Roy stated that Asian paints Sharad Shamman every year creatively celebrates pujo. Asian paints bring the theme of pujo celebrated at home. showing a little girl and her family members celebrating pujo, this year Asian paints have brought the concept of pujo in a different but relatable way.

MD and CEO of Asian paints limited, Amit Syngle stated that Asian paints Sharad Shamman and Durga pujo always fit well together, where the tradition of celebration began in 1985 in Kolkata and the company claims to know the importance of the celebration among the people, as this year everything has been affected by the pandemic.

Asian paints introduced the campaign to ensure the consumers that Asian paints are always with the puja celebration. The pandal is known for its decoration and beauty and Asian paints help to beautify homes to create the mood of the celebration. The film also showcases how the family members use Asian paints, for transforming their homes to create a festive mood of the puja celebrations.


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