During IPL Dunzo delivers a QR code based ad in 2022


Dunzo’s new ad which aired during IPL 2022 caught the eye of an audience. The new ad of dunzo where they deliver a QR code during IPL. It is inspired by Coinbase’s super bowl spot. In this ad, they show a spot disguised as a television glitch that only displayed a QR code against a black backdrop with the message “inconvenience is regretted.

Kabeer Biswas, CEO, Dunzo’s in a LinkedIn post said that the brand on 29 May 2022 saw too much spike in traffic when the QR code ad campaign aired during IPL. This campaign runs 2mn weekly orders that have doubled over the past few days of the campaign which started back from 2months ago and surpassed by a massive margin. Dunzo has advertised its campaign IPL and as per the economic times in 2022april, “40 crores spent by dunzo for its IPL campaign

Mujumdar says nobody watches television content when the audience has a second screen at hand. So, if there is a transition in the advertisement which feels like a glitch it probably grabs people’s attention towards it. Mujumdar was conscious about if anyone try to copy this ad. Because it is unique when it did for the first time, it will less effective when it’s aired for the second time by others, and the return will be diminished if it happens. If anybody copies this kind of ad it seems to have copied dunzo.

The creative consultant of dunzo says many of the IPL audience thought that it was a broadcast glitch but it was Dunzo’s new ad. He speaks about the IPL viewers that they downloading the app, and dunzo will not expect a flurry of downloads for its app. this advertisement did the effect- people talking about this creative ad and this ad creates buzz on social media if this is the case then dunzo have achieved fair success in its new task.

Dunzo daily delivers fresh groceries to its customers by jiffy and always shows in another ad that there is no need for the refrigerator when you have the dunzo daily app. this QR code ad did catch many of the audience’s attention towards the ad but for the brand, it is for a while.

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