With shark tank India Inflection Point Ventures launches its new ad campaign

With shark tank, India Inflection Point Ventures launches its new ad campaign

Inflection point ventures India’s largest CXO-driven angel platform has launched its maiden ad campaign voiced that ‘main bhi angel’. During shark tank India on sonyLIV, the ad campaign is currently running aimed at professionals and other potential investors of all ages who are interested to start their asset allocation journey with a small ticket size of Rs. 1,00,000 a year. 

Additionally, inflection point ventures also introduced a mechanism to inculcate a disciplined approach and saving mindset to startup investing. This is a new way of investing for the members where they can start contributing by saving as low as Rs. 50 thousand per month towards their startup investing preference with the platform. And this can be allocated to startups as and when they select startups to invest in.

This ad campaign will run on Sony’s OTT platform SonyLIV during the popular television show shark tank India. Shark tank India is the most awaited reality show which focuses on educating potential investors about the benefit of investing in startups. In addition to this inflection point ventures will soon be launching this new campaign across all social media platforms to run a 360-degree digital campaign to highlight their new initiative and track record so far. 

The inflection point venture, which has invested in 140 startups over Rs 500 crore, aims to democratize angel investment in India. The vision of IPV is to burst the myth that angel investment is only for the rich & well-connected individuals and to make startup investing more accessible for everyone. With the help of inflection point ventures many professionals like doctors, housewives, and lawyers are for the first time will experience the benefits of startup investments & becoming part of a fast-growing asset class. 

Investing in startups remained a bastion of a few and IPV wants to change that by bringing in more first-time investors backing world-class startups. Currently, 80 percent of IPV’s investor base comprises first-time investors. There is no better platform than shark tank India for IPV to launch its first campaign said Ankur Mittal, co-founder of IPV. The 2.5 lakh is the minimum ticket size of investment per startup.

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