eBay launches its new ad campaign ‘Export Apnao, Business Badhao’


The e-commerce website, eBay has launched its new ad campaign seller-driven ‘Export Apnao, Business Badhao’. The campaign highlights the difficulties that Indian sellers face in terms of excessive discount demands and their inability to obtain reasonable prices for their goods.

The latest digital ad film shows the dilemma in which an antique shop owner finds himself in such a situation when his oldest client insists on a piece of antique jewellery for a heavy discount. In similar situations, many sellers find themselves left with no choice but to agree to these demands in an attempt to win the market and maintain seller-customer relations.

 Sellers can turn into the global demands through eBay and sell products across categories such as Fine costume jewellery, Antiquities, Home Linen, garments, personal care products, automotive parts, Electronic items, etc. The video ends with the call-to-action for Indian sellers to join forces with eBay to expand their companies and satisfy their global entrepreneurship ambitions.

Conceptualized by Clevertize, the ad film focused at both metro and non-metro areas, the advertisement focuses on communicating with prospective sellers (MSMEs and large companies), the numerous advantages of selling on eBay’s Cross Border Trade platform and highlights how eBay can help them to achieve a reasonable price for products.

Pavan Ponnappa, Head – growth Categories, Shipping and Marketing at eBay, says that “eBay India Cross Border Market has opened the door of opportunities that is available for Indian sellers across the worldwide. Entrepreneurs, small and large, are taking advantage of eBay’s site, which handholds them to conduct transactions with customers in 190 countries by giving them insights into different dimensions of online retail export.

This campaign highlights how eBay will help vendors to get a good price for their products and profitably to develop their company by selling their products to more than 182 million customers.

Sagar Nidavani, CEO at Clevertize, said that now is the time to begin eBay IN-CBT’s largest brand campaign of the past three years, with an emphasis on India’s manufacturing sector. Export Apnao, Business Badhao is a concept that derives from the strategic perspective that today’s companies depend on maintaining current sales and is unable to locate the best path for exponential growth.

This Integrated Marketing Campaign aims to strike a chord with Indian sellers and demonstrate how easy it is to link via eBay to more than 182 million buyers across 190 nations. As strategic business partners for eBay, we plan to make eBay the go-to site for export. We were having a lot of fun filming this ad movie thanks to the eBay team and the great cast.


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