Efficient Warehouse Management System using advance technology


The purpose of warehouse management is to optimizing and controlling the operations and storage of warehouse products. The activity of warehouse management starts from the time the inventory enters it is consumed, sold, becomes obsolete, or moved to another place.

The main objective of warehouse management is to coordinate all warehouse processes and activities efficiently and effectively. It includes all planning and control procedures to operate the warehouse. For the ongoing activities of the operation, it is important to satisfy customer demand. The principal objective of planning, controlling, and management is to ensure that operations run effectively and produce products and services as they should. Technology plays important role in shaping a business as well as managing a warehouse.

Disruptive Technologies

For day-to-day activities industries around the world are embracing modern technologies such as cloud computing, ML (Machine learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things). The most important thing in the entire process is disruption and innovation. Smart warehouses technology is the product of disruptive technologies like IoT and ML.

Managing Warehouse Management System with IoT

An IoT-powered technology product WMS (Smart warehouse management system) can bring global visibility to the supply chain. It can able to manage everyday logistic operations easily, done by automated guided vehicles (AGVs) telematics systems. It raises the logistic processes’ accuracy and speed and reduces human intervention. The warehouse management system (WMS) optimizes all the inventory tasks and procedures in the system.

Machine-To-Machine Technology

It streamlines and monitors the automation process of a warehouse. With help of WMS, M2M can now control all the warehouse equipment, which is essential to order fulfillment processes.

Voice Technology in WMS

One of the most effective methods used in logistics management is Voice technology. The Voice technology (VWMS technology) uses voice recognition and speech integration enabling workers to communicate within WMS. The commands are given for picking up goods, receiving, putting orders, and other warehouse shipping functions.

Robotics in WMS

Robots help in the moving, sorting, and storage of inventory in the warehouse. The manager should select the pick robotics technology that suits the requirement.


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