Eros Now associates with Live Satellite Media


Eros Now is a number one top South Asian Entertainment OTT platform and is managed by Eros STX Global Corporation, a worldwide entertainment company. The company announced that it is associating with Live Satellite Media as part of the ABS group. This partnership will deliver Eros the premium service to underserved video-on-demand audiences.

ABS, leading global provider of technical services that enable clients to control safely with applicable regulations and standards. To feature value to global industries, they serve and capturing synergies with ABS. It always adapts to the new digital technologies and new operating landscapes. It drives the solutions to assist clients to understand risk management, optimization of business performance, and operational excellence.

For over decades, the corporate services a large range of support for the industries, government clients that power, fuel, and regulate our world.

EROS Now, launched in 2012, is an Indian subscription-based top video-on-demand entertainment digital platform. It offers media streaming and video-on-demand services. Eros is India’s first distributor of VHS. Eros Now initially first started with films and music videos as its primary content. It is also busy with various leading telecom and content players. Eros Now has quite more than 12000 digital titles and a couple of 2.5 lakhs music tracks.

Worldwide there are 128 million registered users and 30 million paying subscribers, and 18 million YouTube subscribers on YouTube. It is now one of the highest top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels in India.

This partnership will deal with ABS Subsidiary Live Satellite Media enables subscriptions of Eros Now through various modes, not only limited to unique bundling, prepaid codes, and API integration of SVOD platforms across its extensive customer base.

India OTT platforms have a never-ending expansion with the audience by constantly searching for engaging content. This partnership will enable us to enter into Live satellite’s massive distribution networks of customers.

Offering the simplest content by great entertainment platforms across the country by delivering the most effective content successfully. The association with Eros offers the unique experience of OTT platforms to customers.

This deal will initiate when the Indian OTT platforms have exploded and are set to become the world’s sixth-largest OTT market by 2024. Based on the FICCI-EY report by 2025 most of the regional language consumption on OTT platforms in India will cross 50%.

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