EV dealers experience an increase in customer visits as petrol prices continue to rise


 Hero Electric in a statement issued said their dealerships are increasing an increase in the number of footfalls as customers are looking for an alternative from ICE vehicles as petrol prices are on a rise. The city speed bikes by Hero electric have experienced high demand as petrol price is touching 100/liter in some cities. The footfalls experienced by b=dealership not only include customers test riding EV’s but also looking to exchange their existing ICE vehicles. With prices starting from 57560 they are the most affordable means to fulfill the daily transportation needs. Customers are preferring EV’s that lead to long-term savings and low cost of maintenance.

The fuel prices at an all-time high along with the significant long-term investment required for ICE vehicles make EV’s the best choice of investment. Customers can enjoy the benefits of cost and time. The maintenance, parts expense, and fuel costs incurred on an ICE will make the cost of shifting to an EV almost nil said the CEO of Hero Electric Sohinder Gill.

Hero Electric offers a range of city speed e-bikes namely the Optima, Nyx, and Photon which have enough performance to handle flyovers and slopes. The EV also offers high cursing speed to be taken on highways and gradeability to handle steep slopes. The Li-ion battery powering the bikes is lightweight and can be swapped. 750 locations strong network of charging stations are set up across the country by the company.

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