Evading mistakes while using IGA


Enterprises recognize the need to manage the lifecycle of identities adequately, yet recognition alone is not enough to solve identity governance issues. Challenges have been amplified by many factors, such as adopting cloud services, meeting compliance requirements, and enforcing security policy with a remote workforce.

The growing need for identity governance can be credited to how businesses have had to upgrade to deal with the obstacles of working during a pandemic or perhaps due to cybercrime growth.

Projects can be complicated, and success is not reliable. For most users outside the reach of perimeter-based security, identity and access governance solutions have become complicated. That’s because individuality is the last line of corporate data defense – and stolen employee accounts, the most common and most costly events.

Underrating the need to get these various stakeholders on board early in the project can lead to delays and low adoption. So, it’s essential to involve all stakeholders in the project to secure their buy-in. It consists of the CISO and their IT security staff responsible for the IT infrastructure’s overall security.

It’s also mandatory to get buy-in from the business application owners, who want to control access to the systems they manage.

Constructing a communication plan to prepare the organization for changes will experience when a new Identity Governance and Administration system with standard processes is introduced. Communicate the project progress to relevant stakeholders regularly. Aligning expectations within the organization creates awareness and helps in decreasing the resistance to change in all organizations.

In the past, many consultants started with designing processes on a blank whiteboard. Today, there are process frameworks that allow you to get best-practice methods served on a plate.

Actively using best practices is a massive boost that helps create value early and deliver a strong Return on Investment because you avoid reinventing the wheel when implementing optimized business processes.

People using a cloud-architected Identity Governance and Administration solution will save initial integration costs an overall professional service. They also will boost time-to-value by an average of 25%.


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