Psychological Aging Clock using AI


Profound longevity firm is working on artificial intelligence to note human aging and extend productive longevity, releasing the first Artificial Intelligent powered psychological aging clocks to analyze psychosocial factors in the context of maturing.

Like other species following the classical evolutionary model, humans are born, develop, reproduce, take care of their young, and gradually slow down and die. But, humans are conscious, intelligent, and change their behavior during life. Prior works on Socioemotional Selectivity Theory demonstrated that human life horizons could be misused, affecting their behavior. To effectively study the constraints that affect psychological age, and perceived age, and the mind-body connection in the process of aging, scientists at Deep Longevity, decided to apply their knowledge in the development of deep biological markers of aging to human psychology.

Biological markers of aging can quantify the human aging process using various biological data types that are the most critical latest innovations in longevity research.

In spite of progress in aging clock technology, the psychological aspect of aging has been severely understudied. However, the new study on aging’s deep psychomarkers is expected to accelerate aging psychology substantially. The latest published study aims to fill this gap by demonstrating two Artificial Intelligence-based age predictors. These models were used to collect more than 10,000 questionnaires completed by people aged 25-75 years. The models presented in the publication were again done into 15-question long surveys available at Young Artificial Intelligence to enable people to find out estimates of their psychological and subjective age.

The study’s authors confirmed the SubjAge on large independent datasets to find that higher SubjAge is very futuristic.SubjAge can be forged therapeutically to make patients feel younger and reduce their death possibility.

In investigative studies of psychological aging, Deep Longevity’s mission is to research differences in the approach of aging between men and women, check psychosocial markers connected to mental health, and build a combination of mental-physical health model crosstalk.


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