Expansion to Gurugram, North India: Settl


Settl, a co-living start-up, has declared its expansion to North India with four new facilities in Gurugram. It will provide 200 beds over the four properties in Gurgaon. This technology-driven managed accommodation platform was established with a need for convenient city living.

In 18 months, the start-up has expanded to 22 properties over three cities- Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Gurugram. The platform ensures all the facilities, which include all comfortable accommodations to professionals in cities. After completing the online procedure, the users can move to their new place in 30 minutes.

Ashok Reddy Sagar, Co-Founder of Settl, mentioned that it is a tough task for a new person in the city to find a safe and comfortable place to stay. Usually, it takes a huge process to get an accommodation which includes baggage of broker, agreement, locality, facility, advance, etc.

 Settl removes all these whole processes from a fresh city experience of an individual. This model aims to remove all the burdens of house-hunting and broker traps for the individuals who plan to transfer to big cities to enjoy city life.

He also stated that they had a fantastic response in Bangalore, and Hyderabad and hence planned to start in Gurugram anticipating the same response. They provide end-to-end solutions that might be necessary for the name of services and facilities.

Settl works on providing experiential living which is beyond regular accommodation. It planned to build a ‘Settl Community’ that exclude the void from the users’ life when they move from their families and home country to a new city.

He mentioned that in the context of the Indian economy, Gurugram is an important urban centre. It is the best place for young working professionals who move to achieve career needs. They expect to make a vast impact in people’s lives so that they can shine in their particular areas.

Currently, they are operating 1200 beds and are expecting to make it to 3000 beds by December 2022 out of which they planned to provide 1000 beds in Gurugram alone by the end of 2022.

Settl has plans to expand the start-up across the cities like Delhi-NCR, Pune, and Chennai. Recently they have raised start-up funds from ah! Ventures, We Founder Circle, and others which is worth $500K.

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