Facebook launches features with end-to-end encryption for calls and chats


Facebook has set out new update features for its users with end-to-end encryption in calls, chats along with screenshot detection and message reactions.

Back in 2016, Messenger had added end-to-end encryption in chat messaging. The feature, which was optional, is now fully accessible to everyone, especially in group chats and calls.

Facebook, now known as Meta, has discussed switching to E2EE to a default status but, sources say this might take at least a year as switching it immediately without testing and, the research could harm public safety.

One of the two ways users can use this feature is by securing chats using the vanish mode. This can be achieved by swiping up from below on the chat screen. This will automatically disappear the messages. You can turn this feature on by toggling the lock button on when starting a chat.

Messenger has also introduced some features within the features. While enabling the end-to-end encryption, users can use GIFs, stickers, reactions and long presses to reply to a message or forward the message.

Another speciality that Meta has included is the feature of adding badges to verify your profile. The encrypted chats will support these badges so that the users can identify the authentic accounts. Media files like photos, videos, etc. can also be saved in the chats.

Sources have also reported that a familiar Snapchat like screenshot-detection notification will also be rolled out to the users in the coming weeks.

Many important features like screenshot-detection and message reactions are something WhatsApp users have been requesting for a long time. But now that WhatsApp is currently under the Facebook group, it seems likely that these features won’t be taking longer to get into messaging apps like WhatsApp and Instagram.

Although some users will have a difference of opinion and raise concerns for privacy especially, in features like screenshot detection. It is understandable that ever since these apps have come under Facebook, most of their features have been adapted to WhatsApp and Instagram as well.

Presently, all these features will be rolled out to the messenger app in the coming weeks.

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