Facebook mistakenly bans many ads of struggling businesses


Facebook Inc an American social media mistakenly bans advertisements of struggling businesses. There were several cases reported by saying ‘account has been blocked due to violating the policies’ given by Facebook.

There is a businesswoman called ‘Ruth Harrigan’ whose account has got blocked for the same reason. She has started utilizing the Facebook by advertising her product on Facebook due to the struggling happened when the COVID 19 pandemic hits all over the world. COVID 19 has really affected all kinds of business personals very badly. Ruth Harrigan is one among them. She sells honey and beeswax products in souvenir shops. But, when COVID hits and the tourism industry gets hard hit, she’s been entirely dependent on the Facebook advertisement to drive online sales. On the 11th of November, her new way of lifeline unexpectedly got cut when Facebook blocked her HoneyGramz advertisement account for violating its policies. Harrigan’s friends told her to wait for a couple of days and the problem might resolve itself. She waited until she lost an estimated value of $5000 in revenue.

“I was getting a little worry about thinking about the situation, Black Friday is around the corner, most of my sales for the year happen in November and December and that’s it”, she explained. There was no logic behind the account bans imposed on social clients, she added. A coffee delivery service, a business coach, a pizza vending machine company, a reusable water bottle company, and a hair weave company were all suspended.

By making a statement Facebook said, it’s really frustrating to experience any type of business disruption. Facebook is providing free support for all small businesses. Facebook regularly puts efforts to improve their tools and systems, to make the support that they offer easier to access and to use. 

Recently, Facebook is automating their content for years, they highlight a transition every quarter in which the report includes detailing of how much content does the company removes. Facebook removes violating posts (almost 95%) automatically in the third quarter, up from 53% just two years back.

Many say that Facebook is their lifeline during the pandemic time. Many businesses are happening in this COVID time through Facebook. What really happened is that Facebook has banned political ads around the U.S. election, for instance, it has affected many companies that really have no connection with political parties.  


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