New strategy to sell real estates by consumer insights and story telling


Creating affinity-based brands leading to sustainable competitive advantage is the premise of marketing and brand management. Through market-focused and consumer-forward marketing strategies this can happen. The real estate brand building’s bedrock thrives on a single-minded focus on the end consumer. From the point of initial engagement with the consumers at the point of sale to the handover of their house, this journey helps the developers to have experience and become professionalize in the experience between the brand and the consumer, people who can make and sustain, it can make permanent sanctuary with the consumers.  A strong and recognizable brand is the key attribute in the real estate category. It influences the buying decision, shapes the customer confidence, and shapes the ownership experience.

Albeit have started focusing on branded reality, with a belief in marketing and developing real estate projects as ‘branded products’ rather than commodities. With the continuously evolving and developing lifestyle and needs of consumers, it has become clear that merely building skyscrapers and architecture won’t appeal to buyers to invest their life earnings. It was a real estate buyer evolution for the last two decades. There are more segmentation and subset creation in the consumer categories. After some time the industry has witnessed a cohesive branding strategy comprising various initiatives like a scientific approach to nomenclature, brand identities, a position in the line with the value proposition of the product. This would help the developers to create advertising and distinctive branding for their projects. At the core of the customer engagement strategy, there is a strong advent of a customer loyalty program which aims at developing positive word of mouth and building a referral system.

There is a dedicated and experienced customer service that interacts with the customer daily and also helps the customer to assist in the sales and aftersales process. This year it has ensured that the real estate sector will grow at a faster pace. The landscape of the post-pandemic would be largely different from a new group of players emerging. Marketing solutions and institutional sales will drive consumer marketing mandates and brands for a lot of traditional developers. The art of brand creation and storytelling will play a major role in this brave new world.    


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