#FaceThePace- Reliance alerts the two-wheeler pillion riders


Reliance General Insurance Limited, a public Ltd., and a subsidiary of Reliance Capital success to spice up public awareness on the protection of pillion riders on two-wheelers. The two-wheeler insurance adds on covers as they discovered that a bike accident is usually fatal for both the rider and thus the one who is accompanying the rider (the pillion). The chances of death or a major injury are high for both persons. The personal accident cover provides accident cover even for full or partial disability of the co-passenger similarly.

 Two-wheeler being the foremost effective companion for traveling in bumper-to-bumper traffic can sometimes be inconvenient if the offerings made are unparalleled. Along with the helmet, two-wheeler insurance is crucial for both the rider and pillion safety. The company urges the people to secure themselves today and each someday long while they ride on the road worry-free. Reliance has launched a digital campaign to spice up public awareness of the safety of pillion riders on two-wheelers. The campaign which is titled #FaceThePace points bent the people the importance of wearing a helmet when on the road and highlights this video to the need for youths riding billions of motorcycles and scooters.

At the center of the digital awareness campaign, is projecting through a short film that uses the analogy of a batsman and wicket-keeper on a cricket field to deliver the message. As per estimates, approximately 16,000 children die in road accidents once a year, making 10.5% of all road accident facilities. This adds up to 43 child deaths daily due to road accidents, the variety that’s 7 times quite deaths because of crimes against children.

 In a bid to lift awareness of the matter, the campaign highlights the implications of pillion riders not wearing a helmet. while stricter laws and initiatives within a previous couple of years have increased the number of two-wheeler drivers wearing a helmet. But at the identical time, the number of pillion riders not wearing a helmet remains immensely high, at a rate of 75%, as reported by nationwide surveys. To accommodate the matter, traffic police in various states of the country are taking numerous measures like stricter monitoring and increased the number of challans.

The Company is taking to popular digital and social media channels through #FaceThePace to share the message. Mr. Rakesh Jain, Chief man, Reliance General Insurance said, “India loses thousands of lives to road accidents once a year. We predict it is vital to handle this issue in an exceedingly way that has not been done before. Which we believe this film does exactly that. The cricket analogy within the film is some things most Indians will relate to, owing to the popularity of the game within the country.”

 Besides the campaign, RGI focus to distribute thousands of free helmets to riders and has launched several initiatives for road safety, and might still raise similar awareness within the longer term.

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