FIITJEE’s online exams made cheat-proof with the help of AI tech


The pandemic and lockdown following it has completely changed the way how students are studying. The next normal would be taking classes and exams online. The main issue with conducting exams online will be network issues lack of equipment, cheating during exams, etc. The main worry for institutions conducting exams online will be about the integrity of the students writing exams. As a solution to this problem, FIITJEE took initiative in making their online exams cheat-proof by using artificial intelligence technology. This will be the first one of its kind invigilated online tests for candidates.

The test conducted by FIITJEE will be an online scholarship cum admission test. This first online proctored exam by FIITJEE is expected to be conducted from August 2, 2020, onwards and the students will be taking the exams from home. This test will be conducted in a three-tier proctoring system consisting of Artificial intelligence proctoring, Live proctoring, and Posttest review at the end. In the first step of Artificial intelligence proctoring the student’s information’s like photos will be already be stored in the database. This will help the student’s phones, desktop and laptop make the ID match with AI face recognition. The second step is Live proctoring, where there will be a live human just like the classroom exams who will be supervising the students.

Students’ visuals will be sent to the live proctor’s computers and he/she can monitor the students. The whole test-taking journey of the student will be recorded and documented in the system. The AI systems are designed in such a way that in case of any suspicious activity during the exam, it will send a direct text message to the invigilator about the activity. It can identify the student’s face, does an environment check of the room, and detects multiple faces, objects like books, mobiles, secondary sound sources, suspicious browser activity, and much more. In case anyone is trying to help the students by dictating the answers, the AI technology can also identify this. Students can also take a mock test to understand how to get accustomed to this technique. 


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