Five popular data warehouse automation tools of 2021

data warehouse automation tools
data warehouse automation tools

With data warehouse automation, one may accomplish near-term automation of a data warehouse’s entire lifecycle, from source code analysis through detailed documentation to warehouse operationalization. As a result, implementing the correct data warehouse automation tools makes it easier for businesses to fulfil their goals.

Here we list down the top five popular data warehouse automation tools of 2021 you should be aware of:


Teradata, located in Ohio, is a globally recognized firm that specializes in database services and products. Teradata DWH is used extensively for analytics, insights, and decision making.

The Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance (DWH) is designed and configured for scalable, plug-and-play data warehousing utilizing massively parallel processing. It combines relational and columnar capabilities and certain NoSQL features like name/value pairs and JSON compatibility.


Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is a cloud data warehouse service that takes care of all the difficulties of administering a data warehouse, dw cloud, data warehouse centre, data security, and data-driven application development.

Oracle provides several tools for self-service data loading, data transformations, business models, automated insights, built-in convergent database capabilities, and much more. One of the many noteworthy aspects of the Oracle data warehouse is its extensive data and privacy security by encrypting data at rest and in transit.


ActiveBatch is a data warehouse automation technology that allows users to consolidate and coordinate numerous data management technologies such as ETL tools and BI platforms to simplify data warehouses. 

The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library includes hundreds of prebuilt, platform-neutral interfaces, allowing IT to simplify and streamline data warehousing and ETL procedures without writing scripts. Users can develop dependable, end-to-end workflows that handle data and dependencies across various, heterogeneous systems and technologies using ActiveBatch’s easy drag-and-drop workflow designer.

With this tool in place, managing and monitoring enormous amounts of data in various IT systems is a lot easier than you may think.

Amazon Redshift 

Amazon Redshift is a cloud-based, fully managed petabyte-scale data warehouse that integrates your Data Lake and AWS services. Starting with a few hundred gigabytes of data, you can scale up to a petabyte or more. It allows you to gain new insights for your company and consumers by analyzing your data.

With this quickest and most extensively used cloud data warehouse, you can analyze all of your data. It is a powerful, easy, and cost-effective solution in addition to being one of the quickest cloud data warehouses.


Xplenty is a cloud-based ETL solution that lets you create simple data pipelines and automate data flows. It comes with a point-and-click interface that makes data integration, processing, and preparation simple. It also links to a wide range of data sources and has all the tools you’ll need to do data analytics.

If you’re looking for a powerful on-site transformation tool for normalizing, transforming and cleaning data, Xplenty is the platform to go.

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