Freshey’s new TVC introduces paneer as a fun protein.

Freshey's new TVC to promote Paneer as a fun protein
Freshey rolled out a new television commercial to introduce paneer as a fun protein to the people.

Freshey’s rolled out a new television commercial to introduce paneer as a fun protein to the people. The campaign will be broadcast across various popular digital platforms like YouTube and OTTs like SunNext and HotStar.

WayCool-owned Freshey’s ready-to-cook (RTC) brand came up with a new TVC campaign ‘Soft and Strong’ with the core communication “Soft Amma’kum Strong Chutti’kum-kaana paneer underlining the message of “Paneer for every strong kid and their Supermom”.

The new television commercial comes in line with the brand’s endeavor to shine the spotlight on the fun element in Paneer, one of the best fun proteins. The motive of the brand behind the campaign is to promote cottage cheese as an easy-to-cook staple food. The brand aims to make cooking Paneer-based dishes an experience people will look forward to.

The Indian value-added dairy (VAD) segment is set to grow at 16% CAGR for the next few years. The new TVC by Freshey’s is set to build the thought that- Moms make it with Freshey’s. The TVC is set against a vivid and chaotic background which portrays the tussle moms go through each day in dealing with their kids. The TVC envisions the verbal tussle between them, and how moms transform the whole situation into an enjoyable affair by cooking up a delicious Paneer dish.

The TVC visualizes the richness of Freshey’s Paneer which is soft and rich in proteins while showcasing the versatility and convenience of cooking a variety of Paneer dishes. The chief business officer of WayCool, BP Ravindran expressed his delightedness to launch this campaign celebrating the daily chaos and sweet relationship between the mother and the child while showcasing Freshey’s Paneer as a delicious accompaniment or treat.

The vibrant film communicates the product’s attributes – convenient, fresh and fun to the children and young mothers. The TVC successfully communicates its message as the target audience finds it very relatable. He further said, “We are certain that this campaign will accelerate our journey to become the preferred choice of Paneer and will nudge consumers to include protein (Paneer) in their regular meal regimes, more often.”

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