Fun AI Tools in the Online Marketplace


Every day we come across the rapid AI technological advancements happening all over the world. But “AI for fun”- is a phrase that we commonly don’t hear in the industry. Artificial Intelligence has always been considered a revolutionary technology that has emerged to find a solution for complex real-world problems like high-level computation, omitting manual labor, or data-driven optimization. Although, with its endless prospects, there are enormous applications of AI that make this technology more available to the normal layman person or kids at home.

To get attention and to attract people to this, experienced and well-versed technology developers all over the world are constantly developing some AI fun tools that can be comfortably accessed online to get hands-on. These AI tools are not only for fun but also for providing a good understanding of this technology to the users.

Trending fun artificial intelligence tools in the market

1. Quick, Draw!

It is the most fun and enjoyable tool in this category. It is an online AI-powered game developed by Google in which the AI has to guess what the player drew on the board. The game utilizes a neural network to guess the drawings and human consciousness behind it. AI increases its capabilities with each of the drawings, which in turn enhances its potential to guess the human drawing correctly in the future.


It is an AI-powered tool that helps the users to create emotional soundtrack music. This AI tool comes with a present algorithm to write music in different styles like- modern, cinematic, jazz, pop, electronic, etc. This tool is quite engaging in creating soundtracks for films, advertising agencies as well as game studios.

3. Scribbling Speech

It is an online AI tool that has been developed by Google with speed API. This tool converts real-time free speech into animated drawings. With the help of speech input, the tool uses machine learning and recurrent neural networks for generating an image managed by linguistic structures.

4. Even Stranger Things

It is one of the craziest tools in this category. This tool gained attention soon after the sci-fi and fantasy Netflix series, Stranger Things gained popularity. This online AI-powered tool identifies the content in an image and generates a stranger things poster for the same.

5. Poem Portraits

It is an AI tool that aids in creating personalized poems with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms. It is focussed to build a bridge between AI and humans and it needs users to donate a word, and the system will automatically come up with an authentic poem based on millions of words of 19th-century poetry.

6. Deep Beet

It is yet another fun one to create music although this time it is rap lyrics. Deep Beat is an AI-based online program that creates rap lyrics by combining existing rap songs. It is created as a machine learning tool that leverages a massive database of 641000 lines of lyrics in English and Finnish from 12,500 songs performed by famous artists.