Karnataka Government declares the launch of AI-driven hospital pods


Aimed at combating the COVID-19 pandemic and other infectious and contagious diseases, Karnataka Government has recently confirmed the introduction of the AI-driven portable hospital to treat COVID-19 patients. This has been undertaken to prevent the spread of the virus in the community, Bangalore-based design-and-construction company Vevra has collaborated with Portugal-based healthcare organization IoT InnoWave to introduce Vevra Pods, built as a series of movable capsules, integrated with artificial intelligence (AI), aimed at supporting local/ private/ government hospital services across India.

Vevra pods are not only the usual mobile insulation rooms humans have seen before but a fully functional, completely equipped, AI-powered smart hospital system. It is a modern, avant-garde clinic. Such capsules/pods can be fitted to existing hospitals to build more patient space as required, or they can be transported to any remote region, crisis zones, or even military bases to serve as a full hospital unit, said Mahesh Krishnachari, Director-Founder of Vevra.

Vevra Pods are movable pods that are equipped with artificial intelligence to deter the transmission of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, pneumonia, TB, and more. Dr. Sudhakar K, Minister of Education, tweeted that AI has the power to improve healthcare and encouraged software companies to work on low-cost solutions.

As per the report, the completely fitted compact pods come with advanced IoT technologies at the core of InnoWave ‘s service on the ViGIE+ platform. The ViGIE+ platform is used to gather and simulate data from various sensors mounted internally and to provide real-time warnings as environmental conditions change. The approach may be applied rapidly and efficiently in rural locations that are not readily available to medical personnel as well as beyond the main hospital buildings to reduce the chance of virus transmission. Its system is made up of an antechamber airlock room to provide a protected space for health workers with antibacterial walls and surfaces.

The Pods would have tight control over the air quality in and out of the space with equipment such as HEPA screens, UVC lighting, and high-end exhaust systems. The PLC-integrated air conditioning system can also be used to control temperature and humidity.

It would also have other features such as fireproof framework, added bathroom, oxygen level measurement equipment, RO water purifier, geyser, shower room, fire extinguisher, CCTV surveillance, and more. The containers are durable for 15 to 20 years of operational warranties.


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