GALAXY chocolates’ new campaign starring Shruti Haasan


Mars Wrigley’s GALAXY® has reinvented chocolates since it arrived in 1960. GALAXY® has launched an ad campaign, starring Shruti Haasan.

Mars Wrigley is the leading global manufacturer of chocolates and more. GALAXY®  is the most loved brand from the portfolio of Mars Wrigley.

Mars Wrigley is also a leader in manufacturing chewing gum, mints, and fruity confections with iconic products like ORBIT®, SKITTLES®,  SNICKERS®, and M&M’S.

GALAXY® is one of the world’s largest pure chocolate brands and one of the leading global tablet brands. GALAXY® is spreading lave and sweetness for over sixty years. It has a net worth of USD 1 billion.

Actor Shruti Haasan featured in the new ad film that urges the audience to pursue their passion and choose pleasure for themselves. The ad portrays Shruti as exhausted with work, she is feeling swamped and sleepy. Shruti picks up a GALAXY chocolate bar from the table. 

Haasan tediously bites a piece of the Galaxy chocolate. The moment chocolate melted in her mouth, she experienced a spark of indulgence. Her mood swung from exhausted to energised. Magic colour trails surround and pulse around her. 

Shruti felt unending and had enormous energy. She took her drum sticks and started to play as if she can’t stop. Everything around her started changing with each drum beat. Her energy and mood reflect in the room through wonderful colour trails and ripples depicted in the film. 

All of it ends with the voice saying, ‘Chocolate so smooth, pleasure lasts’. 

The association with Galaxy chocolate was exciting and fun for Shruti Haasan. She shared her experience, how people often get so occupied with daily tasks and deadlines that they forget the things that make them truly happy. 

Shruti is an accomplished actor and a wonderful playback singer, for her Music has been the abode, in music she feels confident and content.

The new ad campaign for GALAXY chocolate brings back her love for chocolates and music.

The ad films will feature in seven regional languages including Kannada, Marathi, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

With the announcement of the new campaign, the company has also announced its local production unit for GALAXY in Pune. Mars Wrigley is committed to helping and supporting local markets. 

AMV BBDO highlighted that in the modern world pleasure is mostly an afterthought, Bharat Sikka will connect with this feeling while having Galaxy at the centre.

GALAXY®️ is now available at  INR 20 and INR 10, in Smooth Milk and Crispy flavours.

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