Global Growth: Amway


The world’s number one direct selling company, Amway, continues its growth trajectory in India thanks to its nutrition and health portfolio and thriving business community.

The company is now ready for the next level of transformation, based on the growth strategy defined by Global CEO Milind Pant.

With a focus on igniting entrepreneurship and creating lasting value in the health and wellness sector, Amway has invested more than $300 million in global investments through 2024 to stimulate innovation and science, digital technology ,and entrepreneurship.

 Of the more than 100 markets in which Amway operates, India is one of the key growth markets.  Additionally, India is one of Amway’s three most preferred investment destinations, with a focus on digital, manufacturing automation, innovation and nutrition segments.

 Known for its quality health and wellness products and unmatched business opportunities, Amway has established a strong foothold in India during its more than two decades in the market.

The health and wellness leader announced an investment of more than $20 million (170 crore INR) to advance research and development, automate manufacturing, innovation ,and science, and increase productivity digital force in India.

Amway Global CEO Milind Pant said: Today, entrepreneurship is more democratized than ever. And at Amway as an entrepreneurial social idea, our vision is 10 times easier to unleash the next generation of entrepreneurs with comprehensive business opportunities and attract and retain an avid consumer community.

 “A recent McKinsey report says India will need to create 150 million jobs by 2030 to accelerate growth and meet the expectations of its budding workforce. This is an opportunity for a business run by an entrepreneur like Amway that has great potential to create freelance opportunities.

Now, with more than 550,000 direct sellers and retailers, Amway is poised to make a huge impact in creating alternative job opportunities, and thus contributing to economic and economic development. business of India.  

Along with an increase in the number of health conscious consumers around the world due to increased health and wellness awareness, the market is experiencing significant growth.

As a market leader in nutrition, Amway has always been at the forefront, actively innovating and locally developing health and wellness product solutions to meet the growing needs of consumers consumption.

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