Amway Forays enters into a new category, Vegetable & Fruit Hygiene


Amway India, one of the leading FMCG direct sale firms in the world, today announced the launch of its new Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash in-home care category invention. With this launch, Amway forayed into the vegetable and fruit hygiene space based on its experience in home-care solutions and in its effort to appeal to the increasing demand for hygiene care products.

For fruits and vegetables, Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash is a 5-in-1 cleaning remedy. Chlorine, bleach, alcohol, artificial colors, or animal-based additives are not added to the cleaning solution. It is clinically tested against 197 pesticides and has been proven to eliminate, without leaving any trace, surface germs (bacteria and fungus), surface pesticides, surface heavy metals along with dirt and dust from fruits, waxes, vegetables, and cereals.

 “In recent years, the home care sector has expanded dramatically, fueled by the need of consumers for good home hygiene, raising revenue, urbanization, as well as increased penetration of goods. Consumers have been much more conscious of hygiene, considering the current environment, and we have witnessed a major shift in consumer behavior as well as consumption habits. The unexpected increase in health care awareness has made home hygiene one of the top priorities. We also launched Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash, continuing our dedication to delivering the best quality and flexible products. The product contains natural cleaning agents that do not have toxic residues. This innovation seeks to address the growing need of our consumers for hygiene products, drawing on Amway’s 60+ years of expertise in developing environmentally friendly homecare solutions.” Said Anshu Budhraja, CEO of  Amway India

Amway India has experienced a major increase in the demand for home care and home hygiene products with Amway Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner and Amway Home LOC multi-purpose cleaner with changing customer priorities, emerging as the best-selling SKUs. In the last few months, Amway has also introduced Persona Hand Sanitizer Gel, which was conceptualized and produced within 30 days, to meet the immediate consumer need and demand. The company aims to continue the production of new products to further improve its portfolio.

Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash, priced at just INR 249.00 for 500 ml, will be sold via Amway Direct Retailer/Amway Direct Sellers or can also be ordered through Amway Direct Retailer/Amway Direct Seller service by visiting

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