Goldmedal Electricals unveils the launch of its exclusive showroom in Coimbatore


Bangalore, 22nd November, 2022: Goldmedal Electricals, one of India’s leading electrical manufacturing company unveiled its exclusive showroom in Coimbatore along with their brand ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez. Located on Avinashi Road, one of the major commercial centres, the showroom showcases the company’s extensive line of products to a vast group of users with an interest in electrical appliances and devices. The showroom is part of the brand’s retail strategy, which aims to provide an immersive brand experience that includes consultation and demonstration tailored to the customer’s specific needs. 

The showroom will showcase a wide range of best-in-class Goldmedal products across all segments including modular switches, home automation systems, LED lights, entertainment systems, wires and cables, MCBs and DBs, fans, PVC pipes, electrical accessories, and more. Consumers can check out the products, get assistance in installing them and find retail locations without having to make a purchase in the showroom. While the company has been a pioneer in the FMEG market in the country, this showroom is a dedicated venue where the entire spectrum of its latest products is showcased in a premium setting. Goldmedal has 15 such exclusive showrooms across the country and has plans to open many more in the near future. 

Commenting on the new showroom, Kishan Jain, Director, Goldmedal Electricals said, “The south has traditionally been a strong and vital market for us. While our products offer customers an experience that is unmatched, many do not realize that until they see and touch our products themselves. Through our exclusive showrooms , we aim to give everybody an opportunity to experience Goldmedal products in a premium and comfortable setting. We are optimistic that this showroom will help address the consumer’s returning need to examine the wide array of products that are available to them so that they are able to make an informed decision. The Coimbatore showroom is one of the many showrooms that we have planned to launch in the coming months.”

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Commenting on the new showroom, Jacqueline Fernandez, Brand Ambassador, Goldmedal Electricals said, “Goldmedal Electricals is one of the most promising FMEG brands in the country and I am proud to be associated with them. I’m honoured to be a part of Goldmedal’s growth story. These premium experience showrooms are a great idea as it allows customers to see and experience for themselves the high quality products that are available to them. I am sure that the people who visit the showroom will find the showroom and the quality of Goldmedal products simply amazing.”

Although consumer behaviour has changed radically, consumers are still inclined to experience products before making a purchase. They will be able to observe the craftsmanship of Goldmedal’s cutting-edge products in this exclusive interactive store. Goldmedal will continue to expand to many more showroom outlets as part of their retail development plan.


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