‘Good Hair Day’ campaign- by Lakmé Salon


After a tempestuous 2020, everyone is looking forward to the new decade with optimism and hopes. Months of distress, staying indoors and social distancing have had an impact on our physical and mental health.

Keeping this in mind, India’s oldest and most respected salon chain brand, Lakmé salon, with a presence in 160+ cities across the country, has launched the 5th edition of its year-end campaign, ‘Happy New You’ with the aim of helping customers stumble on their happiest selves!

Going beyond core offerings of clear Skin and Happy Hair, this campaign summons customers to achieve a Healthy Body, a cheerful Mind and also gives them a chance to reimburse society and the environment.

Pushkaraj Shenai, the CEO, Lakmé Lever, said, “Inspired by our vision to Beautify the longer term, over the last four years our Happy New You initiatives have focused on social causes like education and making our salon operations eco-friendly.”

Lakmé Salon’s ‘Good Hair Day’ is a hotbed of glamour, style, and iconic looks, inclined by enduring Bollywood characters and films, through which customers can encounter audacious magic moments.

Along with this campaign, Lakmé Salon has launched a vast range of trendsetting, inventive and pragmatic styles. It aims to deliver hydration and nourishment to the hair while setting the perfect and gorgeous look, all in a safer than home environment.

This year, they’ve decided to assist their clients to start a journey of holistic wellness, look after the world, and spread happiness. They have collaborated with experts from fields of health, fitness, and nutrition, who alongside the National Creative Directors for Hair and Skin will create personalized wellness routines for the customers. Lakmé Salon also will support the education of the girl child through a project referred to as ‘Nanhi Kali’. Fulfilling their pledge to create a sustainable future, they’re going to also plant a tree on behalf of the customers for the 3rd year in a row. With 96.5% of the clients voting Lakmé Salon even safer than home, they felt like it’s their responsibility to make their clients look cheerful, feel cheerful and spread cheerfulness.

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