Gozoop wins the adaptive marketing authority for Saint-Gobain


Gozoop handles the social media management and digital media planning and performance for the brand.

All over the world, Gozoop has featured mutually of the 40 most creative social media agencies. Gozoop, India’s Largest Independent Digital services and products company that executes digital marketing strategies which handle world-class brands.

Company business consists of services, products, and web properties. The services that the company will provide are social media marketing, online PR, search engine marketing and optimization, media buying and web design and development, and mobile applications.

Gozoop has won the integrated adaptive marketing for Saint-Gobain for its Glass Business. For the brands, Gozoop will be handling media planning and performance marketing. Also, it is chargeable for the company brands SEO and ORM.

Saint- Gobain could be a household name to creates great living places and improving everyday life it helps to design and produce and distribute materials. Saint-Gobain will make designs manufacture and distribute materials that are key ingredients within the well-being and the future of all. The company offers gypsum and insulation, mortars, pipe systems for drinkable and sewage systems,  and more.

In our existence, we are able to found in transportation, infrastructure, and in my industrial applications. They always provide comfort, safety while addressing challenges like resource efficiency and temperature change.

It is one every of the top 100 global innovators and more sustainably managed companies in the world. The main of the Gobain is to make a better world.

Ahmed Aftab Naqvi CEO of the Gozoop said, “Meeting the minds is important and so is an important meeting of minds.” Saint Gobain has both factors. Gozoop has a unique position to influence business results.

Gozoop will bring a lot of energy and cutting new ideas and good culture to this association. The agency will create a balance between online promotions and current social media trends, which will help further to connect with its target audience.

With this partnership, it will give an immense pleasure to undertake this journey with Gozoop. Mainly focuses on reaching out to the end consumers and digital will be a cornerstone to reach out and influencers.

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