Gupta, Brightcove: Enterprises must think like a media company


As you know, Brightcove is a cloud-based online video platform that’s been powering live and video-on-demand experiences for running broadcasters, publishers, and brands since 2004. Brightcove has revolutionised the online video experience by creating the most intelligent video streaming platform contribution of limitless scale, world-class security, and powerful integrations.

We are assisting companies to increase sales, motivate employees, monetise videos, and more greatly, build crucial connections with their audiences. With award-winning technology and customer support, businesses in more than 80 countries leverage our expertise to develop more substantial ROI from their video strategies.

The substantial internet penetration in India and the raised growth in online video viewership presented an enormous opportunity for us. In India, Brightcove’s high-quality video technology solutions enable businesses across industries such as retail, e-commerce, healthcare, tech, sports etc., to publish, distribute, measure, and monetise broadcast-quality video across the web and mobile and connected devices while decreasing the cost and complexity attributed with it.

There’s Brightcove CorpTV, which enables organisations to build channels with audience-specific content to surge corporate training, marketing videos and product announcements to customers, employees, and other target audiences. This explanation allows every enterprise to act like a media organization by providing a media-grade understanding for both external and internal audiences.

Then we offer Brightcove Marketing Studio, which helps the whole marketing team effortlessly access, implement, and measure video content across all kinds of programs, from brand to urge generation and customer retention.

Our Brightcove Beacon is the SaaS-based OTT platform that facilitates companies to build and configure a single media-streaming experience which is then employed across multiple platforms and devices. This facilitates green-field players in the OTT space to initiate their services within months, with various options of SVOD / TVOD / AVOD.

Willful content is important to developing higher volume and higher-quality leads. By leveraging a robust video platform with advanced analytics, and assistance of multi-lingual features, marketers can get significant insights into content performance and audience targeting.

With Brightcove’s video marketing solutions, attaining viewers on a whole new level can be as reasonable as clicking a button. It gives the right tools to trace the overall accomplishment of video assets, recognize the viewers and deduce the direct return on investment from video initiatives.

Today, no matter the industry, audience, or objectives, video continues to grab awareness, increase engagement, and construct connections like no other mode of communication. With the ability to open hearts and transition minds, video is being utilized to encourage and/or train team members, sell products or services, and/or entertain and notify subscribers.

Marketers are increasingly gazing for helpful ways to distribute critical information creatively. Short video formats of storytelling are evolving as an integral part of content consumption. Well-planned and enforced videos in this new format lift the bar for marketers to cut through the noise and gain the audience’s compassion.

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