#HappyAtHome: Hershey India launches a digital campaign to celebrate family bonding while cooking at home


Hershey India launches a digital campaign to celebrate family bonding moments while cooking at home with Hershey’s products..

Hershey India – snacks company has launched “#HappyAtHome” digital campaign in order to encourage family bonding moments while cooking at home. With this campaign, Hershey  aims to encourage its fans to create and share over 100 recipes created by chef Ranveer Brar using Hershey’s products like Hershey’s spreads, Hershey’s cocoa power and Hershey’s Syrups.

During this current lockdown, families are spending more time together and cooking at their homes and the recent customer trends shows that there has been a considerable amount of excitement or surge in people who are searching for home baking and cooking recipes.

Recognizing  this current trend,  Hershey’s is creating  more opportunities for the consumers to create some easy and delicious recipes with a wide range of their delicious and versatile products. Consumers who are trying to cook for the first time can get started with these quick, easy and delightful recipes and preparations.

Managing director, Herjit Bhalla, Hershey India said, “The time spent together by families for cooking food creates precious moments of bonding for family members during these uncertain times. Hershey’s digital campaign aims to bring families together, while enjoying baking  and cooking with Hershey’s  wide range of  delightful products such as syrups, cocoa powder and chocolate spreads. By launching this campaign,  we are hoping to inspire everyone in their life to bring out an inner chef  in them and bringing out their best in the kitchen”.

Director of  marketing, Sarosh Shetty, Hershey India said, “ The Hershey’s  brand  is all about forming warm connections with their loved ones over food occasions. We addressed the significantly increasing trend of families baking and cooking together at their homes during these times. The new, engaging digital campaign which contains over 100 easy and delightful recipes, helps in creating precious moments by strengthening the family bonds, while cooking with Hershey’s wie range of delightful products. Consumers could also share their splendid food creations. At Hershey, we are thrilled to provide everyone the opportunity to cook with their families and to be “#HappyAtHome” amidst this lockdown.”


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