Havells new ad shows the role of lights in our life


Havells India Limited has launched a new marketing campaign for its consumer lighting category called “Mahaul Banaye Rakhna.” The brand is making a point about the significance of lights in our daily lives… BBH India, a creative firm, created and developed the commercial.

The brand is built on the idea that a home is much more than just four walls and a roof. The people who live there, their stories, personalities, and special touches are what make these four walls comfortable. The organisation demonstrates to their audience how lighting can transform their homes and create the atmosphere they desire.

Our advertisement also shows all of the ways that Havells lighting solutions can be used to create houses that are truly theirs. It reflects the unique characteristics of different types of homes as well as the persons who live in them.

Parag Bhatnagar, Executive Vice President & SBU Head, Havells India Ltd., has said the ‘Mahaul Banaye Rakhna’ campaign intends to take the high ground and thought leadership in the category, above product and feature-focused advertising. It aims to create a stronger relationship with the people by demonstrating how Havells Lighting can help keep their homes’ vibe alive. The poetic narration adds to the seriousness of the topic while also cutting through the clutter of communication.

Havells India Limited is a Noida-based Indian electrical equipment firm. Home appliances, kitchen appliances, lighting for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications, LED lighting, fans, modular switches and wiring accessories, water heaters, industrial and domestic circuit protection switchgear, industrial and domestic cables and wires, induction motors, and capacitors are among the company’s products.

Havells India owns the Havells, Lloyd, Crabtree, Standard Electric, Reo, and Promptech brands, among others.

The company has 23 branches/representative offices in over 50 countries, employing over 6,000 people. Mr Rajan Bansal, a businessman, buys India’s first Lloyd’s exclusive shop.

The store is located in Paschim Vihar, in the western section of New Delhi. It has 11 production units in India, including ones in Haridwar, Baddi, Noida, Faridabad, Alwar, Neemrana, and Bengaluru, as of 2016. According to the Brand Trust Report 2014, a survey conducted by Trust Research Advisory, Havells was ranked 125th out of 1200 of India’s most trusted brands in 2014.

Cables, Electrical Consumer Durables, Traded Goods, Domestic Switchgears, Light Fittings & Fixtures, Others, Export Incentives are some of Havells India Ltd.’s major products/revenue sectors for the year ending 31-Mar-2021.

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