Havells launches #ShockKaVaccination Campaign to promote electrical safety


A new campaign, #ShockKaVaccination, is introduced by Havells India to bring home the message of electrical safety and the relevance of a Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB). In the film, Vijay Raaz describes, when playing the role of a doctor, the importance of an RCCB to a helpless couple. In the story, he is an undercover electrician.

Vijay Raaz, a versatile and talented actor, provides an undercover electrician’s avatar, showcasing the role of a basic but essential product such as an RCCB in ensuring electrical protection by utilising fascinating daily scenarios at home.

In the background of the current pandemic, the programme leverages two main findings that are highly relevant: growing the number of hours families spend indoors, leading to an increase in awareness of energy safety issues, and the desire to spend on protection. And how humans want to take the word of a doctor literally.

The video of the #ShockKaVaccination campaign also reflects on how a current leakage on an electrical appliance’s surface can be fatal if a person comes in contact with it. An RCCB will serve as a safeguard in such situations, automatically turning off the circuit in an attempt to avoid an electric shock.

The crux of contact lies in the value of installing circuit safety equipment, and the RCCB software line of Havells will help families improve defence against electrical shock possibilities.

Saurabh Goel, President of Havells, said, “The #ShockKaVaccination campaign is an expansion of the long-standing leadership of Havells’ thinking and devotion to electrical safety. In the absence of RCCB, the digital film visually highlights the possibility of electric shock, a very basic and critical product that should be part of every household. The role of the electrician, as the true hero who advises and maintains customer protection in the film, has been highlighted.

Havells contrasts the role of this electrical protection aid to the role of vaccination that helps us combat diseases through the #ShockKaVaccination campaign.

This initiative has been launched Indian languages like Malayalam, Telegu, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, as well as Hindi, to spread the message of this multimedia initiative far and wide.


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