HCL Partners with Google cloud announces Actian Avalanche to boost up the Business Intelligence platform


HCL Technologies, a leading global technology-oriented company, and with Google Cloud announced the extension of their partnership to bring HCL’s  Actian portfolio Offering, Actian Avalanche, to Google Cloud which is a high-performance hybrid cloud data warehouse proposed to enhance an enterprise’s most challenging operational analytics workloads.

Action Avalanche serves a path to advanced data warehouses, including IBM Netezza and Oracle Exadata, to Google Cloud, via hybrid-cloud offering insights with google Cloud’s Anthos application platform.

HCL’s Actian Avalanche is developed for customers to efficiently manage business complexity for a variety of cases including fraud detection, real-time offers, and market basket analysis. Avalanche provides a well-managed service designed to deliver accurate performance for data-driven enterprises.

The partnership between Google Cloud and HCL Actian Avalanche will offer customers to achieve real-time insights from their operational data at a lower Total Cost of Ownership which in turn improves business performance and the ability to increase business agility, reduce risk, and secure material cost savings in demanding business environments.

It’s critical for businesses to derive maximum value from their data, but with this expansion bringing the Actian portfolio to Google Cloud will enable HCL’s customers to migrate and modernize advanced data warehouses and accelerate Google Cloud’s global network, performance, and scale.

The HCL Google Cloud partnership is unlocking business value for customers by offering product alliances across HCL and Google Cloud and the launch of Actian Avalanche on Google Cloud is another differentiated milestone that strengthens their joint performances with application and platform modernization, digital foundation, and data value unlock.

HCL and Google Cloud announced  HCL’s Google Cloud Ecosystem in 2019 to accelerate cloud adoption worldwide and offered three dedicated Google Cloud Native Labs in New York, London, and the New Delhi area which offer business-oriented design workshops to help customers and develop intellectual properties and Minimum Viable Products on Google Cloud in industries effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, this announcement from HCL and Google Cloud expands a deep partnership between the two companies to boost up digital transformation and enables enterprise customers to get scalable, high-performance infrastructure and a global network of  Google Clouds. Avalanche also offers business intelligence and analytics platform with Google Cloud, and help hundreds of popular SaaS and enterprise applications, to deliver a comprehensive solution that is easy to deploy and consume.


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