Hero MotoCorp to raise prices of two-wheelers from today


According to a statement published by the firm today, July 1, 2022, the prices of the motorcycles and scooters sold by Hero MotoCorp would be going raised starting immediately. Beginning on July 1, 2022, the company will implement a price hike of up to 3,000 yen across the board for all of its motorcycles and motor scooters, as stated in a regulatory filing that was submitted by the company on June 23. This price hike will be implemented across the board for the entire product line.

According to Hero MotoCorp, it will make a revision in the showroom prices of  bikes and scooters with effect from July 1, 2022.” There would be a price hike of up to 3,000 rupees as a result.” In addition, the company has said that the actual degree of the price increase will vary depending on the individual model and market. This information can be found in the statement.

It has been suggested that the fundamental cause for the price increase is the rise in manufacturing costs that have occurred as a direct consequence of the rise in the prices of raw materials.”

Prices could rise up by as much as Rs. 3,000 as a result of this change. The specific model in question, in addition to the market conditions, will serve as the primary determinants of the magnitude of the price increase that will be executed. “the change of the prices has been essential in order to partially balance the constantly rising overall cost inflation, including the prices of commodities,” the company said in a statement that was made public.

In the meantime, earlier this week, Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles, made the news that it will be introducing its brand-new Passion ‘XTec motorcycle, with prices starting at 74,590. (ex-showroom Delhi). The manufacturer, Hero MotoCorp, has issued a statement indicating that the motorcycle is propelled by a 110cc engine that is capable of producing 9 brake horsepower (BHP).  In addition, the motorcycle comes with features such as Bluetooth connectivity, SMS and phone notifications, a real-time mileage indicator,  side-stand engine cut-off, service reminder and a low-fuel indicator. All of these features can be accessed through the motorcycle’s handlebar-mounted display.

According to the details that have been presented, it is available for purchase in two distinct iterations: the drum brake model can be had for the price of 74,590, and the disc brake type can be had for the price of 78,990. (ex-showroom Delhi). The Head of Strategy and Global Product Planning for Hero MotoCorp, Malo Le Masson, stated that the company’s range of ‘XTec’ products, such as the Splendor XTec, Glamour 125 XTec, Pleasure 110 XTec, and Destini 125 XTec, have “received an overwhelming response from customers,” and that the company anticipates that the Passion XTec will continue this trend. Malo Le Masson also stated that the company has “

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