Highness CB 350; Honda’s new middle weight segment motorcycle


The country’s second-largest two-wheeler maker, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Ltd announced that it has entered into the mid-weight motorcycle segment—300 cc and above — with the Highness CB 350. this latest product will compete in the category with the Classic 350 and others from the same segment. The estimated price is around 1.90 lakh for the Highness CB 350.

Due to the increased margin on goods and immense potential in the domestic market, vehicle manufacturers such as HMSI, Hero MotoCorp Ltd, and Bajaj Auto have been focusing a share of the lucrative middle-weight segment.

The Japanese company in India has produced the motorcycle and controls almost 90 percent of the degree of localisation. The Highness CB 350 will be distributed from HMSI exclusive dealers and it will be exported as well.

In order to effectively compete with Royal Enfield and increase the market share, HMSI also plans to launch many of the other products in the category.

Honda has continuously issued the prefix CB to models representing on-road sports for more than 60 years. In addition, riders were always the target of CB’s evolution. Once again, it was the Indian riders who inspired the growth of H’ness-CB350. To this end, in its 9 new patent applications, the latest developments are kindly reflected. Today, with this global launch of H’ness-CB350, we are proud to introduce a new motorcycle community in the mid-size segment,” said Atsushi Ogata, Managing Director, President and Chief, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India.

In the motorcycle segment in India, HMSI has not been very effective and lags behind Hero MotoCorp and Bajaj Auto in sales. The majority of the volumes in the domestic market are produced by its Activa scooter collection.

H’ness-CB350 offers an unprecedented riding experience with its genuine scream, upright road appearance and a wide variety of new values. H’ness – CB350, proudly brings the rich legacy of the CB DNA of Honda forward and offers the pleasure of riding through a wide range of circumstances such as everyday usage in the city or long road trips,’ said Y S Guleria, HMSI’s director, sales and marketing.


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