Honey war between Dabur and Marico: Case Study


Dabur and Marico have entirely two different origins. Though they started with dissimilarities, at the recent both the brands show convergence. Their latest conflict is for the viscous liquid market.

Honey! This sweet created a contest among the 2 brands. The present honey market is lead by Dabur with 40% of the market. The synonymous of honey is health and fitness. Marico is launching a Saffola honey fit with the brand’s “healthy lifestyle” prepositions. In July Dabur filed a case against Marico for imitating their bottle, trade address, label, and packaging. There was a campaign conducted by Dabur for their honey. One month later Marico released its ad stating that it’s 100% pure than the older existing honey brands.
Then came the twist when the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), Delhi-based public interest research and advocacy organization, said that several major honey brands including Dabur failed the Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), a key purity test conducted by a German laboratory. Saffola is that the only big brand which cleared the test. This was followed by both the brands asserting their quality in their communications. Both ended up knocking on the ASCI’s door for a resolution.

In 1884 Dabur is an Indian commodity company founded by S. K. Burman. It manufactures Ayurvedic medicine and natural consumer products. it’s one of the most important fast-moving commodity companies in India.
Harsh Mariwala is the founder and Chairman of Marico, a Fortune India 500 company. He began his career in 1971 with Bombay Oil Industries which was controlled by his family.

Dabur’s chyawanprash is the leading market with a 700 crore chyawanprash market, with a share of 60%. Marico also launched its chyawanprash variants named Saffola ImmuniVeda and Saffola Arogyam Chyawan Amrut Awaleha.

In several other segments, both brands have their own identity. In value-added hair oil, its Dabur Vatika and Parachute have jasmine extension. Although a nascent category, both Marico and Dabur have shown keen interest in hygiene and disinfectants. Marico launched Mediker and Keepsafe disinfectants. Similarly, Dabur also entered its Sanitize line by launching the product Dabur Sanitize.

The latest is the honey war between both the brands and it all matters about who goes first?
Let us wait and watch the match.


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