Horlicks launches new campaign about the values empowering kids


Horlicks is a trusted name among a lot of Indians. For a century, the brand has helped mothers provide great nutritional support to their children, which facilitates growth and development.

The brand has launched a new TVC capturing the unique experiences of children that shape them into strong and assured adults. The strong that the brand captures through this highlights the journey of childhood, which has become more challenging nowadays.

In a sequence of mother-daughter engagement, the ad highlights that stories should not be restricted to the natural physical growth benefits but to the braveness and confidence that children display when they grow well. Bravery and the values of care and protection are the core of well-nurtured children. Horlicks’ new commercial celebrates the sharp thinking of a daughter who has the braveness and guts to handle the situation and comes through for her family.

“India’s nutrition journey is incredibly much important to the development of the country. Nutrition is the main motivation that drives the mother, as a gatekeeper to the family’s overall health, so that the child can meet every moment with their complete potential. Through this film, we are trying to find to celebrate the deeper meaning of growth that begins from braveness and confidence. When children are permitted to their complete potential, they’ll lead the world through change and troubled times.” Sudhir Sitapati, executive director, foods and refreshment, HUL, said.

“What does a child growing up mean to a mother? Is it the annual health check-up or do they occur in moments suddenly, unrehearsed taking her by the whole surprise? this is a developed version of our old promise of taller stronger sharper children, and now it’s to another level where the child applies it to life,” Swati Bhattacharya the creative agency, TVC, said.

As we are going through a health crisis, it is important to maintain the everyday nutritional needs to ensure that we are healthy and still support the body’s natural defense mechanism. Today, healthcare specialists are putting up tough combat in hospitals, and their immunity is critical to continue this battle. The TVC finely captures this moment with a loving mother, ensuring that her daughter is getting the required immunity nutrients to support her immunity during this fight.


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