Amaze Inverter Battery unveils latest digital film with Virat Kohli


Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, Amaze, the inverter and inverter battery brand, unveiled their latest digital film with Virat Kohli The film brings us in a free and easy way without COVID in the happy and prosperous future.

The latest film, conceptualized and produced by Cornerstone, shows Virat writing a letter to his future self, recalling the year 2020 and all that has changed. There is a profound sense of empathy and loyalty to the selfless sacrifices of all the people at the frontline fighting the pandemic. He reflects, introspects, and encourages motivation as he embarks on a journey through his feelings while penning them down for himself at the same time.

Virat is seen recounting all his lockdown lessons in a fun and lively way, the time which was gloomy to many and how he struggled to locate the light, a ray of hope. Amaze resonates with the notion of spreading love and light during these dark and unprecedented times.

Amaze is very proud of all the staff who were at the forefront in the middle of the pandemic to ensure good hygiene activities and adequate sanitization at any stage of manufacturing, distribution, and delivery of goods.

Rajesh Kalra, general manager, Amaze, said, “We at Amaze appreciate the Indian customers ‘ needs and are aware of all that we have faced together as we fight this pandemic. This ad film is our attempt to add to positivity and renewed hopes as we lead the new normal.

 Amaze’s managing director, Vipul Sabharwal, said, “This film extends our duty to spread positivity among our customers as we pass through these difficult times as well. It was also an occasion for us to express our gratitude to the frontline fighters during COVID. I thank Virat for the help he has given us in spreading our message with such enthusiasm.

The  Luminous Power Technologies group roped  Indian star cricketer Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador for their new independent brand ‘Amaze’. Talking about his collaboration with their new campaign, Virat Kohli said, “For this beautiful campaign which is so full of hope, it was a wonderful experience to work with Amaze. The pandemic days were always hard for everybody, but it’s important to keep reminding yourself of all the things you’re thankful for. Amaze has brilliantly set together,  the essence of positivity and hopefulness.


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