Tinder brings ‘Swipe Right’ event to India


The popular online dating app, Tinder, will be bringing Swipe Right event in India. It was initially released in the US late last year, It is an interactive, first-person, in-app event where Tinder users can swipe through the experience at key points to drive the story along and see where it leads them. Tinder will be making its Swipe Night event available in India for 3 consecutive weekends beginning at 10 a.m. on September 12th. 

Tinder took Brandon Zuck (Facebook Watch’s Five Points) and Nicole Delaney (Netflix’s Big Mouth), to script Swipe Night and then grabbed Karena Evans,  Gen Z, director, who received awards for directing Drake’s “God’s Scheme.”

Swipe Night follows a group of friends during the final hours before an asteroid strikes Earth, with Tinder users playing the lead. As the plot unfolds, protagonists will be confronted by moral dilemmas and practical choices that will affect what comes next and who they will be matched after the event finishes.  They also influence who they meet and what they may talk about after the end of this exciting journey ends.

The pandemic has shown the importance of a conversational common ground motivated by the mutual experience. Staying at home and   Social distancing norms turned their members to more chatting and swipe volume among Indian members risen by 32%.

Swipe Night is coming to India about six months after Tinder initially had intended to announce it. It’s because Tinder thought that March was not the ideal time to push out an apocalyptic tale, as the coronavirus was destroying the planet. Although with the pandemic not going anywhere, they have decided to bring it out now.

Swipe Night debuted in the US Last September. Tinder said there was a 26 percent increase in the total matches during the event, and the volume of messages also increased 12 percent compared to a normal weekend. Just as it takes Swipe Night to the rest of the world, Tinder is making some improvements too.

The Chief Executive Officer, Tinder, Jim Lanzone, said, When the lockdowns started, they saw an immediate increase in the engagement of members on Tinder, so they know there we are role in peoples staying at home experience.t while the global health crisis continues, they believe Swipe Night can bring a welcome change of pace to the members around the world.


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