How brands are leveraging changing content landscape on TV


At the inaugural e4m Pride Of India South conference, a panel of industry experts and observers had an interesting conversation on ‘Branding and Growing the TV Business’.

Chairing the panel was Baagyalakshmi Nagarajan – Executive Director – Advertising Sales, Star Vijay – Other panel members were Uttam Malani, Executive Director, Centuary Mattresses. Nandagopal Nair – Vice President & Head – Brand & Communications, V-Guard; Mega Jain – Carat Vice President. Dr. Sanjoy Das – COO, Fipola, and Laya Menon – Executive Vice President and Head of Business, Lodestar UM, Bangalore.

Mega Jain talked about TV advertising trends in the world today. She said: “What I’m seeing on TV is a changing landscape of content that’s emerging. What we’ve seen before and what we’re seeing now are very different…and, another thing I want to talk about is TV content consumption, it’s not just TV, it’s moved to multiple devices. Moved to multiple formats. This is completely device independent. Large format, small format, snippets from social media, OTT, YouTube, etc. are all available to your audience.”

Uttam Malani explains the importance of television as a powerful medium: So to speak, he’s one of the historically fail-safe and risk-averse media.” He spoke about how Covid has disrupted audience demographics and TV advertising trends seem to have changed.

Meanwhile, Nandagopal Nair spoke about how television has helped grow his business in the South. “When we first looked at the South, television was the medium of choice for us. It gave us operational leverage and the flexibility to run campaigns in each of these areas separately or together.”

Session Chair Baagyalakshmi Nagarajan concluded the discussion by stating: The subconscious spends money on television. Television is one of the tools that will offer a brand the scale it needs to communicate with the Indian public and is a standard for success stories. To an extent, television is everywhere. Furthermore, television naturally lends itself to family viewing because of the way we choose our programming and how we can tell an engaging tale, which I will reiterate here. This is the story we are continuing, and storytelling, television, and brands will all continue to be tested for many years to come. “

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