Key Trends Impacting the OTT/CTV Advertising Landscape


Over the last couple of years, there has been a dynamic change occurred in the content consumption via CTV and OTT platforms (connected-TV(CTV) and Over The Top (OTT)). That made the consumers easy their streaming mode of entertainment; They can manage their schedule according to their favorite shows, No longer required to subscribe to multiple cable TV, and nothing to bother about the climate and weather conditions, 

OTT and CTV are very convenient and user-friendly streaming modes of entertainment with a collective outreach. As might be expected due to the customer preference and affection towards the video consumption, OTT and CTV platform’s advertising has rapidly increased their market share over the few years. The CTV offers a chance to target more audiences and grab the massive attention of the population so that it can increase the foundation stone of the future path of digital advertising worldwide.

In 2021, the CTV market has witnessed 4.7% of total ad spend, roughly amounting to $13.1 billion. With the worldwide advertising market pegged at $ 700 Bn in 2022, the industry is planning to be impacted by some emerging trends or factors in the upcoming years. 

1. Emergence of Cookie fewer Solutions:

Contextual targeting is the process of sinking the ads to placement in relevant content, these ads are viewed by the customers as in interest rather than skipping.

It also increases CTV and OTT space for data-driven and effective marketing for media.

2.    Dependence on crucial engagement metrics:

The success or failure of a campaign is obtained through metrics beyond just ROI. As the landscape becomes more challenging, metrics will be the defining key factor for CTV and OTT advertisements for both publishers and advertisers.

3. Data-driven creatives:

It consists of developing marketing and communication from consumer data to create the level of performance and improve performance and maximize ROI.

4. AI as a Trailblazer for CTV / OTT Advertising:

artificial intelligence plays a vital role in advertising technologies and how it impacts both brand and audience. As technology develops CTV ads will also generate the more optimum solution

Since the online and subscription-based service increases CTV and OTT advertising are assured to reach a high engagement rate. It also creates a user-friendly understandable experience for the viewers and the end consumers as it helps the successful growth of the advertisers and the publishers. 

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