AU Bank launches a computerized just mission for its LIT Credit Card


AU Small Finance Bank as of late sent off the LIT (Live It Today) Credit Card to engage the youthful, advanced wise cardholders by giving them the ‘Force of Choices’. Taking ahead the BADLAAV reasoning of AU Bank, LIT permits cardholders to change their bundle of Mastercard highlights according to their steadily changing way of life necessities rather than predefined highlights. It is India’s most memorable adaptable Credit Card that empowers clients to pick advantages and construct their card according to their desire – giving the clients admittance to all that they need, till they need it.  

LIT implies Paying Only for Features You Use: The film shows a man taking a nibble from a cupcake and just paying for that chomp.  

LIT implies Choosing Only Features You Want: The film starts with a sales rep asking a client which portable she might want to buy. The woman picks three highlights from three unique mobiles.  

LIT implies Turning Features ON/OFF As Per Your Wish: The film starts with a man proposing to a lady and a live band playing behind the scenes. The lady acknowledges the proposition and inquires, “on the off chance that this can be dropped later on?”, leaving everybody amazed.  

The three movies utilize silly similarities to show choosing benefits according to a person’s way of life, picking an estimate according to a person’s need, and the comfort of Switching ON/OFF benefits as and when one wishes. The fresh correspondence would assist with catching the consideration of the online entertainment shrewd crowd that is accustomed to having altered arrangements.  

Talking about the mission, Mr. Uttam Tibrewal, Executive Director, AU Small Finance Bank, said, “Innovation and a client-designated approach have consistently assisted us with achieving the disturbance that tends to each part of our client’s steadily developing requirements. Throughout the long term, we discovered that the high-speed progression in innovation and sped-up utilization of the web has changed what the present advanced astute clients need – more control and pay in a hurry. As we constructed an item for this trendy client section, we deliberately picked computerized stages and a snackable organization for promotion. The computerized mission of LIT Credit Card is a presentation-driven promoting effort zeroing in on lead age. To catch the item recommendation most really, the general showcasing effort successfully catches the subject of ONE CREDIT CARD. Numerous POSSIBILITIES. ALL IN YOUR CONTROL”.  

The entertaining substance of a brief length is known to be profoundly practical for the youthful crowd as they are consistently on the web and love consuming the snackable substance. AU Bank utilized this knowledge to make 3 item promotion movies of 15 seconds each catching the vital fundamentals of LIT Mastercard in a carefree way. The brand’s goal is to ensure that the movies centre around making sense of the critical fundamentals of the item really and featuring that it is a first in the Indian market. 

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