World Bank comes to the rescue of India for Road Safety


In India, on average, annually 150000 people are the victims of road accidents. It is an important issue. As it also results in injuries to around 450,000 people on an average every year. This data mainly includes the victims of the poor families whose members are either injured or killed in a road accident. India accounts for 1% of the total number of vehicles worldwide. In spite that 10% of all the road accidents in the entire world happen in our country.

To address this issue, the World Bank has issued 250 million dollars for the Government of India’s road safety project. In this project, some of the states, which are majorly affected by road-related incidents, will take part. The states are West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. In these states, steps will ensure that immediate response is available for the road incident victims. They will also help in the construction of better roads in our country. All of these efforts will be fruitful results for the country in the future.

These efforts will also help automobile companies in manufacturing better vehicles for our Indian roads. It will also help in increasing the awareness of the general public in terms of road safety measures. These measures, if followed appropriately, can reduce road accidents in our country and save millions of lives.

There is also an issue of high medical bills and the various other expenditures that one family has to deal with, during the treatment of their loved ones who suffer because of the road incidence in our country. But the efforts of the Government of India and the World Bank will provide some positive results.

We can also help reduce road accidents in our country by obeying the traffic and safety rules on the road. We should always use helmets and seat belts while driving or driving. We should also take care of the speed limits and should drive responsibly. One of the major steps which we can take is by using luminous stickers on our vehicles. So that, it can also help the other drivers to recognize us while driving, during the night time.

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